Regulatory and safety requirements are growing in importance. Passive fire protection is one of the key components of the market in which Projiso is a major player.

To meet these requirements, Projiso is committed to complying with the standards and regulations applicable to its activities while maintaining attentiveness to its customers as a priority in its strategy.

Projiso is committed to sustainable development.

Its sustainable development strategy involves:

–    The implementation and maintenance of the Quality and Environmental Management System according to ISO standards 9001 and 14001 and product quality certificates

–    Continued improvement of the quality of our products and services while effectively managing costs and lead times.

–    Understanding our customers’ market needs and rapidly and effectively meeting them.

–    Researching and developing new products that meet market expectations while complying with technical and environmental standards.

–    Better control over our activities’ environmental impact through regulatory and normative compliance as part of an ongoing improvement process.

–    Informing our customers of technical improvements and assisting them in using new products or techniques.

–    Providing clear directions to architects and project owners to convince them of the benefits of using fibrous thermal, acoustic and fire insulation products instead of other existing systems.

–    Only using contractors whose technical and administrative competencies have been approved, and who have signed our quality charter.

We are committed to ensuring that the Quality and Environmental Management System is a key tool in our progress thanks to the involvement of all our staff, an essential factor in our company’s success.

This tool will be adapted in an ongoing fashion to suit our needs and those of our customers, ensuring that the company remains proactive and reactive while offering reliable products and services.

Rodolphe ROSATI
Chairman & CEO of GDI group